Time for some bag stuff……

Well, I thought that this blog would combine, as its name suggests, a bit of stuff about bags and a bit of stuff about travel, both slight obsessions on my part. But trying to work in a bit about handbags is not quite as easy – I could show the bags that I have bought on my travels as I usually come back with a pile of them, locally sourced, local designs and manufacturers whose styles will work back in London. A bit too show and tell. Limited interest too as I think handbag obsessives are a bit anoraky or possibly show up on spectrum disorder charts, rearranging their collections by size, brand or colour. Closet librarians too. 

But, I have discovered a group on social media, specifically where people can swap and sell a particular brand of handbag. It just popped up as a suggested group and, bingo, I have been sucked right in. There are a few ground rules, no fakes or you are banned, honest descriptions with faults identified, first person to offer the price gets to buy. For selling or swap offers, no self promotion or bumping the thread to the top of the list. It seems to work and no one tries to be too subversive. 

It is a cathedral of understanding there. People understand the need to top up the collection, and ooh and ahh at individual photos of new purchases or a single photo of an entire collection. I am noticing that quite a few collections follow a similar colour palette – I am wondering whether this makes me a bit odd as I buy a mix of colours, whatever colour takes my fancy. And the number of bags and purses which some people have acquired definitely gives me rank amateur status.  As a slightly competitive obsessive, I may have a bit of serious catching up to do. But I am not a single brand sort of person, which makes me wonder if these major players  also  belong to  other  groups too and can display an equal quantity of different brands. I really am an amateur.

But, I am learning more about the brand, picking up knowledge about discontinued styles, limited edition colours or leathers. I may yet become good enough to go on Mastermind. And, such a nice bunch of people too, happy, jolly and helpful, a good standard of literacy too compared to some of the other social media groups to which I belong. Oh dear, that does sound a bit snooty! Dyslexia aside, perhaps there is a correlation between the ability to write a sentence or to run spellcheck and the earning capacity to fund the purchase of bags at up to a grand a pop. Perhaps our educators could improve literacy standards by sternly reminding the kids they teach about this little observation. Stick in at your spelling and punctuation and you shall be rewarded with designer handbags opportunities. 

Disappointingly, there seem to be no men as members of this group, well none that seem brave enough to post updates or comments.  Members happily report the thoughtful surprise gifts bought by their partners and husbands, but the men seem to stay well away from this group. It is spectacularly female. And quite fast and witty – poor old Madonna had a bit of a stage prang involving a costume, on a live awards ceremony broadcast too. Within a flash, someone had posted an advert for the sale of a cloak whose neck fastener needed some attention, potential buyers to contact Madge.  


One thought on “Time for some bag stuff……

  1. Fabulous idea about learning incentive for underperforming intelligent students! It’s better than threatening them with a future of working at McDonald’s. I suspect you maybe drawn to bags for artistry and appealing design as opposed to status

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